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Company Origin

Some 50 years ago in the Panhandle of Texas two college buddies formed an exclusive club (just two members) called the "Best of Everything Club".  The club is still in existence today and it works this way...a bit like a game of friendly one-up-manship but even better. The club is actually an unofficial contest to seek out the most unique and best of...well, what ever it is that the members choose to seek out. And once "the best of something" was acquired, it is always shared with the other member even if only a just a taste.  So, in this way both men can always savor some of the best that life can offer... the best of what ever it is they choose to seek out.

This is how the best coffee ever, our flagship product Mesquite Roasted Coffee, was discovered from a "Best of Everything Club" quest to find and enjoy the very best coffee taste in the world.  

    Mesquite Roasted Coffee began by roasting green coffee beans over open mesquite wood campfires.


Mesquite Roasted Coffee began by roasting green coffee beans over open mesquite wood campfires.

The quest began by tracing the path of coffee's westward movement of the old pioneers and recreating the way they enjoyed coffee on the open prairie in the most basic of way of roasting coffee beans in a frying pan over open campfires. After months of experimentation, the taste they came up with was so uniquely flavorful that when ever the the friends shared mesquite roasted coffee with other coffee drinkers there was soon clamoring for more coffee.   And, the Mesquite Roasted Company was soon born.

The Mesquite Roasted Company began on a West Texas ranch near Big Lake, Texas.  It is now headquartered up in Fredericksburg, Texas located in the unique Central Texas Hill Country wine region.